Monday, 12 December 2011

Introducing: My Husbie's New Website

Hey cuties, happy Monday!

Today I'm very excited to let you know about my Husbie's new adventure! As you know, we've gone through a lot of changes in the past few months. Our dear Doggie Darling passed away, we bought a house in Melbourne, I holiday-ed in Cambodia. We renovated parts of the new house, and then finally moved in. And all on a very tight budget, because... my Husbie was unfortunately on the bad side of a restructure at his work. There have been a few nail-biting moments for us, but (as always) we're Positina Turners in my family and have turned this into a career opportunity for him...

And so, I'd love to introduce you to my Husbie & his brand new website! Vincent (AKA Husbie) Taylor is a film colourist, cinematographer and stills photographer, and will be freelancing his mad skills from January next year!

The site has it's own domain: but directs to a blogspot for now (using the new template 'Snapshot' which suits the photo heavy nature of his work, I reckon) and I learnt how to compress video (thanks to my animation friend!) for Vimeo, so there are lots of his showreels and short films up there. He's very keen on twitter, but not so keen on blogging (maybe I'm bad inspiration!) so the blog template above makes it look more like a website.

Husbie has worked in the Australian & New Zealand film industry for 15 years or so, firstly as a cinematographer and then as a film colourist. A colourist does a bunch of post film production detail that you probably don't even notice while watching tv or a film, and if you don't notice it, the better job the colourist has done! You already know Husbie can take great photos, as most of my photos this year (the good ones!) are his, but he also has another website devoted to his photography.

My role, as I hinted at earlier, in Husbie's new career move is to balance the books and generally be awesome & supportive - easy! I've decided that since I'm a producer at work in my radio job, I can totally adapt and be a producer in the new freelance business as well! Husbie's already got 2 weddings booked for next year, and I'll also lend a hand with my trusty little stills camera to be his assistant! If you're on the look out for wedding photography, or any photography, get in touch!

It's going to be a busy 2012 for us, and it hasn't even begun!

Thanks for all your lovely notes over the past crazy few months... I really appreciate your support and love and gush! If you wanna get in touch, (maybe you find the blogger comment form annoying & sometimes not working?) always feel free to send me an email or tweet me @veronicadarling .



  1. Congrats on the new home renovation, we are doing some work on ours as well, and it's so much time and money!

    I am back from hiberation with a giveaway, I hope you will stop by ;)

  2. YAY! Congrats on the new website and the new chapter in life! The photos are AMAZING!

  3. Good luck! I hope the freelancing ventures all go well!

  4. Yay and congratulations - how exciting!! I hope you have a fantastic time with your new venture together. Since this is a camera related post, maybe my question can kinda fit here. My stalker memory has partially failed me again - I remember ages ago you wrote a post after doing a wedding (you wore your Valentine's Day bolero and got lots of compliments) and you said there's a new Nikon camera coming out that's really good (or you already have it... I forget). What was the model? We don't have a camera and I've decided it's time to invest!


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