Wednesday, 7 December 2011

About Time!

Why why why have I only just discovered this blogger mobile app?

Or maybe it's only just launched?

Here's a little test post for you, live from my backyard where I enjoyed a darling al fresco dinner last night! Time is such a factor for my blogging, as I really wanna blog, show you what I'm making and wearing (ala Wear-drobe instead wardrobe) but I also wanna enjoy stuff IN REAL LIFE too!

Kisses to you and hope you're having a great week xoxo


  1. AHH! I love that bedsheet dress - it's one of my favourites! Hope you had a lovely al fresco evening, it looks picture perfect (...but how is that tablecloth not a dress yet??) xx

  2. I also just found out this weekend.... works well for Ipads too!


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