Friday, 9 December 2011

Q & A: From November

Until Blogger creates a better way to respond/reply to your comments (and considering the mobile app was just invented, perhaps that's the next step - *fingers crossed*), I thought Q&A weekly might be a good way to get back to you! Today, my lovely blog post is full of growth and loveliness, from my iphone! And our first tomato from the new tomato patch:

Hey @Miss Crayloa Creepy - We had a greek salad and veggie sausages/hot dogs from the BBQ for our al fresco dining! We discovered a vegetarian and vegan shop in our neighbourhood and it has loads of soy products that are totally delish!

@Amanda - Awards Nights yes, you guessed it and know me too well! And YAY, it all went live to air no probs (I stage managed the broadcast!). Also - my new tablecloth is actually plastic coated, so I can't even imagine sewing it up! Might be a bit too Lady Gaga for me!

@House of Pinheiro - Now blogger should just allow replying to comments and it'd be perfect! I'll have to update my iPad too! Thanks for so many of your lovely comments, you're such a babe!

and back to the house/renovating Q&A:

@Danielle from Seddon - CONGRATULATIONS. I love the west, and if I'd found a cheap enough house in Seddon, I'd have stayed put. We're in West Footscray but I hope to see you around sometime at the Seddon Wine Store perhaps!? All the best 'til settlement!

@Nikkishell - after you posted some of your outdoor/undercover shots, I reckon our backyard area is similar to yours too! Must be the Inner West and it's keeping in the same era! Hugz for westies!!!

Happy Friday sunshine!


  1. Wow, that meal sounds amazing! I eat a lot of vegetarian/vegan food and I am jealous that you have a place nearby that sells it! You would think that being in California I would have a lot of options too, but unfortunately where I live that is not the case :(

  2. I suppose you have discovered by now that West Footscray has the best Thai food in Melbs? Thai Angels is our favourite westie restaurant. Ps - we bought the worst house on the best street, it was the only way we could afford it! Congratulations again to you too, WF is awesome, we came very close to buying there as well, twice. Happy renovating - it is great being able to put your own stamp on your own place. xoxo

  3. Lucky you to get your first tomatoes. It was so hot here during the summer that we did not get any tomatoes until right before the first frost and then they were all still green.
    I am with you on the responding to comments. It is just a pain. Some of the comments will have email addresses where you can reply and others not. The hack I found does not allow in line responses which to me is just not what I want.

  4. WOW you're a super amazing super producer! I hope you got some official equipment like a headset or a walkie talkie or BOTH. And thanks! Without you I wouldn't have had such an enjoyable afternoon at work/drive home. I can't imagine how difficult your job must be but how exciting to be involved in such amazing events/celebrations and meet fun people! I got jealous of my aunt (she does the ABC Canberra drive show) just for getting to interview Marieke Hardy over the phone! And sunshine in Melbourne?? Lucky you! Hope you got in some quality frolicking. Your garden looks like it is thriving, I hope you and yours in your new home are doing likewise xx

  5. I've got a question for your next round V! Seeing as you guys seem to be pretty good with your money habits (buying a new house and all) I wondered if you would share your money savings tips with us? Obviously making your own clothes helps, but what else?

    Luv Stitchybritt


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