Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sew Weekly: Domestic Refashions

Heya! You're almost up to date with the Sew Weekly themes! Here's an outfit I made for the 'Home Sweet Home' theme, where we took items we'd usually use in our day to day home life, and turn them into something wearable. A little DIY from curtains, bedsheets, tablecloths but unsurprisingly not towels!

You've seen many of my refashions before, as I'm not shy in fixing up a dress from a tablecloth, and I still have plenty of bedsheets in the stash! I wrote about my inspiration in using a more cutesy bedsheet on Mena's blog, and it's a 3/4 full skirt made from a child's bedsheet... a thrifted one no less.

I have lined the skirt though, with leftover curtain tulle, or whatever it is... some netting stuff from my old house. The t shirt was a really quick fix too, made from some leftover stretch knit (it's totally gone a long way, it was a remnant from Sydney's best warehouse!) from this dress and this dress but because I'm a grub, both dresses have stains and they're kinda bad places for stains to be and to wear (on the boobs and tummy!). 

One day when I get better at blogging, and videos and have more time, I'll post you a clip of how I make up these stretch knits, as this tshirt took 30 minutes, and dresses are sometimes even quicker... 

OMG, I just realised how photo heavy this post is - SORRY EVERYONE!

The venue is a dis-used market area or car yard, I'm not sure what. As we're kinda new to the area, we've been passing this place on the way to the hardware store, and have always wondered. When Husbie saw my skirt, he was like 'We totally should go to that graffiti place'... and we snuck in through an open gate... and I had to totally 'act' normal through this photoshoot (LOL: photoshoot) because I was actually shitscared we'd get arrested. ARGH.

I know you're not a tame lot, so I haven't edited out the graffiti-ed swear words - you can handle it!

The top photo is my absolute favourite... Husbie is so good! Did I tell you he's got a photography exhibition in January? His first! ARGH! I'll tell you where and when soon!



  1. I love it! And your hair is looking amazing in that 'do!

  2. Another fabulous skirt. The photos are great. I know what you mean about being scared. I got Ginger to take my photo outside a very dodgy suburban caravan park that looks like it might house a few meth labs but I got so freaked out that we only got one shot!!! eek, I may have to go back though, you've given me courage.

  3. how did i miss these over at SW?

    so friggin cute. really the only word for it is darling. which is tres convenient.

  4. That last shot is truly a fabulous shot! and perfect setting for that great skirt.

  5. So great... Love the new blog design too. Xx merry Christmas

  6. The location matched your outfit PERFECTLY!!! I loved these!!

  7. Awesome outfit, awesome hair, awesome location, awesome photographs, awesome lady!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zoe xxx

  8. Absolutely love that skirt, and your entire blog! x Kit from Bike Babes


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