Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sew Weekly: Neon Bike Dress

Happy Christmas Eve AND/OR Saturday to you! Just got back to Gippsland for a small family gathering, and wanted to step in real quick to the interwebz to say HI! xoxo

The penultimate Sew Weekly theme for 2011 was simply: Do Whatever. Anything Goes! I was pretty happy with this theme, because I've been curious about making some cycling gear that reflects my casual modern/vintage flair & the usual attire is pretty body hugging and probably very practical, but not for me.

(Would you describe my style as casual modern/vintage flair? I have no idea, just made that one up!)

So hence the Bike Apron! I used a vintage Butterick pattern, and made it from Spotlight's fluro nylon fabric (I found it up the back of the Braybrook/Maidstone store, and how would you spell fluro incidentally? Flouro? Fluoro? Oh boy.) and it was a breeze to work with. I added faux glass buttons to get a more 'reflective' look and attached a small loop on the right shoulder, so I can add a little itty bitty light for when I ride at nighttime.

Do you like it?

It's the BEST! (And totally serves it's purpose of standing out and looking bright on the roads.) AND, I've been overwhelmed by the attention it's received at Sew Weekly! My full post explains a bit more about making it, but was Facebooked and Tweeted by Frankie Magazine! Over-bloody-whelming. How sweet of them! If you're wondering Mena why you had so many Australian clicks on my post, it's because Frankie has over 125,000 Facebook friends! YIKES.

As mentioned, I'm STOKED with the dress, but I'm overwhelmed by your positive feedback. YAY! I love that vintage style and cycling can go together, and something this bright can be considered cool!

You could call it a Bike Pinnie, a Bike Apron or BAPRON, a Cycling Suit ... I'm going with Bike Apron for now! And, I have a feeling they'll be one of the first things I'll make up in 2012 for my etsy store (that has been sad and bare)! I have a few ideas about making it a bit better, and now that I'm a total designer (LOLZ, I've made one patternless dress, and now I'm a designer) I can totes make my own pattern!

Wishing you a darling holiday season, with safe travels and darling hugs with loved ones. If I don't check in tomorrow, I'll see you through the week, as I'm planning on showing you my Cambodian photos! Watch out! It's slideshow night from my holidays!

xoxo to you

(and thanks for being such a dream to virtually hang out with!)


  1. Veronica, merry christmas !!! Ps. I already said it but i wish i could ride a bike just to go out looking so gorgeous like you. xx

  2. That is super cute! I hope you are having an awesome Christmas. .Kat xoxo

  3. That is excellent! Excellent! Well done. I need one. You will love this alternative for a helmut stylish and functional just like your Bapron! Well done. Happy Holidays!

  4. This is genius! I could totally use one like that for all the cycling I do in the summer. Thanks for this great idea!

  5. another link that might interest you and your new biking outfits!

  6. This is a brilliant idea! Style and practicality combined.


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