Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sew Weekly: Pausing with Purple!

 Bye Blondie! This is my last Sew Weekly Outfit with my blonde hair! It looks weird now to check it out again!

As you know, I've been sewing a garment each week along with Mena, Debi, Sarah and Adey and we're down to the last few weeks! SO CRAZY as a year seems like a might long time of sewing along, making garments, taking photos and blogging together. Everywhere I drive around town now, I see places where Husbie and I have taken photos. Such a big challenge, and I'm amazed it's almost over and we'll always have 2011 as this Sew Weekly year!

Today, I'm catching you up with the purple week we've had a few weeks ago... Purple Reigns (I love it, Mena's so fun with the puns!) as does the little Purple Man himself, Prince!

I used my Japanese New Stylish Book for the top and either I picked the wrong fabric or sized it wrong because it's hugely floppy in the wrong way!

As usual, I've elaborated the pros and cons about it on my Sew Weekly post but I've worn the stretch knit skirt again and again already!

Hope you're having a festive week! I've cracked a few beers, but am waiting for a few sparking wines this week to get through my last Sew Weekly creation! xoxo


  1. I love purple too! This top is really pretty, and well done I have seen every outfit on SW, I think you have all done the most amazing job. x x x

  2. Such a cute outfit! and although the top might be little oversized just think how cool it'll be during the summer; WIN! It looks great with that nice fitted little skirt


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