Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sew Weekly: Revisiting a Theme

Still got a couple of Sew Weekly weeks to catch up on here! You may read both my blog and Mena's blog, but oh well! Sometimes I include different photos here anyways!

This week we revisited a style or theme that we'd liked or didn't like in an attempt to 'Do Over'. With the internetz being so global and everything, do you find a lot of language you've not really used before or come across? Y'All is one phrase I see around a LOT, and Do Over to me sounds quite foreign... the Australian in me wants to say Do It Over... LOL - We're all Global Villages now! #Learning about the world. (Don't even get me STARTED on twitter speak, I've been spending way too much time there for work, and my head's turned into a hashtag!)

Back to the dress and the darling little shrug!

LOL for the camera! This dress is rather sweet, and was a vintage Simplicity pattern I originally made in red for Valentine's Day Week at Sew Weekly. At the last minute, I decided to make it a gathered skirt, so ditched the pencil/straight skirt for a fuller one, and kinda regretted it.

Here I used lovelier vintage material, lined it properly (so the little key at the neckline sat flat, and kept the pencil skirt (which actually is more straight than pencil on me for some reason).

I love the shape and can't believe how skinny mini I look in it!

And, I even included the little placket back bit (or whatever it's called!):

I gave a bit more of a write up in the Sew Weekly post, and called it the Blue Valentine Outfit! The MOST darling feature was the shrug, which was also a quick after thought as I remembered Karin (a total babe btw) had sent me a template for 'The Perfect Shrug' and it is confirmed... by me... this is the PERFECT shrug to make and wear (I'm wearing it right now - having it worn it all day to work - and it's just freaking lovely!). I actually think I could make another one this week... hmmmm if there's time!

YIKES, it's getting closer to Christmas! And almost the end of the year! OMG, scary! It still feels like it's August. WHAT!



  1. What a lovely little dress. You look so pretty in it! Oh, to be able to wear summery dresses again. I look forward to it already (and it isn't even officially winter yet! ;-))

  2. Suits you lovely, the shape is so flattering. Such a little 50s waist you have there :)

  3. Gorgeous as always! I didn't sew anywhere near as much as I wanted to this year. I really wish I could have made some more clothes for myself. I am really hoping to change that in 2012.

  4. That dress fits you PERFECTLY! And that fabric is sooooo cute! I want to make that shrug!

  5. This is so perfect! The cut, the fit and the print... I want it all!

  6. This is another one of my all-year favourites - it just fits you so well is completely flattering. I love all the little details! I've been so amazed at how you haven't missed a week through moving house, jobs, renovations, international travel and of course your little black bundle of brilliance. You're an inspiration, you've challenged yourself so much and done so many amazing things. Take care xx

  7. This is really lovely on you and I thought immediately how skinny minnie you looked too! (not that you already aren't!) but I LOVE the square neckline on you. It looks beautiful and your hair looks really nice too!


    i love how karin's shrug looks with it too. y'all (quite the US southern phrase) look great in your do-overs (quite the american kiddo phrase). and especially this one is SUCH a win.


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