Friday, 23 December 2011

Sew Weekly: Without a Pattern

Not sure about you, but I just LOVE when people on blogs change their hair... they might get a haircut (just noticed Esme's darling curled bob) or get a different style or colour. It's really interesting how different people dress up or dress down their locks, and I always love looking for inspiration. I've had ratbag hair for most of my life, but have totally enjoyed it more AFTER the age of 25 I reckon!

Of course, ratbag hair to me might be super fun hair for you! 

So for a bit of change, I'm now a strawberry blonde, thanks to the WONDERFUL Corrin of Corrin's Hair Lounge. I've been platinum since April 2008 (but I didn't take photos of myself then on my blog!) and it has changed from white white blonde to yellow blonde a few times. It's surprisingly been very good for my hair, it's created less frizz and since I now only wash it once a week and don't use any heat to set my curls, it's actually really good condition. I will need to get a cut next month though, but the new colour is just superb.

There will be SO many more photos of the new do! I just set it in pin curls (or that pin roll video) this week and it looks pretty good!

BUT, have you seen this dress? This is the FIRST dress I've officially drafted and made from scratch! NO PATTERN! I've sometimes whipped up knit/stretch dresses, but they're so easy right? This dress, I created the bodice pieces and I'm amazed at how gorgeous it is!

My full write up on Mena's blog explains a bit of my process in making it, and I will be doing my drafting things next year, so I'll try and share a little more how I worked it out. It was tricky!

And here's a classic shot I see around online from fashion blogs... it's the 'Um, what's on my shoe?' look:


  1. You look fabulous in this dress. I think it is one of the nicest things you've made, how fantastically clever to design the whole thing from scratch. Excellent bedsheet!

  2. I LOVEEEEE the new hair! I kind of saw it coming with the Pinterest hair posts :)

    I mentioned you on my blog. You're an inspiring lady! xoxo

  3. I don't think I mentioned yet how much I LOVE your new do! It's so stunning! And your patternless dress is also completely fabulous...way to go! Can you believe we have just one week left????

  4. Wow this dress is a great cut...reminds me of vogue 8280. Are you going to release your pattern so the rest of us can make one hehe?!

  5. Love the new hair. I have just changed mine from dark brown to (I say Ash, but my hairdresser says pearl) blonde. I must remember to post some photos on my blog too. That dress looks great, and congrats for the non-pattern.

  6. your hair is dreat! I love the shoes and I long to be able to wear summer dresses again, your is great!

  7. Love the change in hair colour. And you did a good job on the dress too, although wow! it's short! i'd probably add a couple of inches to the hem, prude that I am haha!


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