Friday, 16 December 2011

Small Things at My House

The pups visited us again! Oooh they are so cute!

What are you doing this weekend? It's your last breath of a few days before Christmas, do you shop? Do you make things? Do you sit around in the sun sipping sparkling wine? (HINT: That's what I plan to do tomorrow)

My family is small, so we don't often have a big bash for Christmas, and we decided a while ago that we don't do presents (I feel I tell you this every year!) but we do food and we do a LOT of food. So yep, I've already been to Costco this week! (For the first time!)

We had a BBQ to welcome in our new house, and before the moved, we ditched a whole lotta crockery and cutlery we didn't need (ditched: took the op shop) but for the BBQ we realised we had nothing for people to drink out of... so after a trip to Savers (the supermarket op shop in Footscray) we stocked up on all these weird beer jugs! They look like jars with handles!

And one of the joys of having a BBQ, means we're cooking outside in the finer weather for most meals! Breakfast too! Thanks to mum and dad, who donated their old BBQ! It's soooooooo nice to cook and eat outside! We just love our new house!

Most of the boxes are unpacked thanks to Husbie (why am I so shit at domestic things?) so I'll grab some photos of the place soon!

Whatever you get up to over the weekend, stay safe and have heaps of fun! xoxo


  1. Glorious! The puppies are so, so cute!

    I am making almost all of my gifts this year and I'm nearing the finish line. :)

  2. "why am I so great at so many things, I can't fit in domestic things" that should be your mantra! You are so great at lots of other things - blogging, techno stuff, sewing, ABC star.... don't worry and if you have a glorious husband who will do stuff, say thanks and sip that sparkling! Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. What sweet faces! I love BBQ. We cook out even in the winter.

  4. Ooooh, puppies! I'm not buying many presents this year, but I've just packaged up a load of biscuits in cellophane bags as gifts. And I gave all my girlies knitted bumph from closing down my etsy shop. So i guess i do handmake a lot!


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