Wednesday, 4 January 2012

And so it's 2012

I've been saying Twenty Twelve since October. We've all been ready for the new year to start for over 2 months, and now that it's here... I feel like crashing into a pile and resting for at least 12 months!

Thank you SO much for your lovely notes and your support through 2011, and I'm SO looking forward to blogging with you (either as a writer yourself, or a reader) through this year. What a year ahead too. It's going to be great!

Oh yes, you'll get some recaps of my Sew Weekly 2011 adventures, from my favourites to the weirdest ones. And you'll soon see what my plans for 2012 are too... they're not big plans, mind you. So don't sweat it! I seem to go HUGE year, small year, HUGE year, small year... here in blog land... so my challenges will hopefully be small and cute.

My little sewing room is 'getting there'... after the move, and a moderate unpack (thanks to Husbie) to keep me in the Sew Weekly swing, it's now very used! I just need to get a system going with threads, fabrics I wanna use first, books, and notions. I like things to look cute but mostly to be accessible, so if they live in drawers and cupboards it means I usually forget about them!

But here's my sewing room floor! (In a photo I forgot to turn right way up)

The carpet is amazing! The yellow pieces are leftovers from my Bike Apron... which I'll forever call a Riding Dress! (One of my plans this year is to see if I can draft my own pattern for it!)

And the best thing is that the computer fits in too! YAY!


  1. Happy New Year! I would want to sleep for 12 months, too, if I had just completed a year of Sew Weekly! I've been organizing my sewing room this week, too. It's been pretty much unused since we moved in because the room has horrid lighting and I haven't found a way to brighten up the place yet. I'd like to get some track lighting but there isn't a way to ground it. Hopefully I can find something that plugs-in.

  2. Oh what I wouldn't give for a sewing room. Alas that's a dream that just won't happen anytime soon. Happy new year x

  3. Looks so much cleaner and tidier than mine! I love your space. Susan

  4. That carpet is awesome, good luck with your small 2012!

  5. happy new year... sewing spaces are premium but very loved.. I'm sure you will use your loads !

  6. Best wishes for a fantastic 2012 Veronica! Here's wishing you a very good one...
    (we have the same ironing board cover, btw!)


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