Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cambodian Stories: NOM!

Back to Cambodia in October 2011, I wanted to show you some of the foods and drinks and things we saw and the photos I took with my little camera! The Lumix takes the best close up shots, as it's got a really great depth of field... which means it blurs out the background and makes whatever the main subject is crisp and clear (Like our cocktails above!).

Here's a markets with more packaged things that I'd expected, but gotta love those dragon fruits!

And in Phonm Penh we ate at a gorgeous organic type restaurant with really super healthy food (a great reward after all that riding of our bikes & drinking of the cocktails!):

And delish drinks too cool down with!

I've got one more post for you from Cambodia, and it's beachy themed! Could be a little tease for you Northerners (I've heard it's been snowing in some parts!?) but suits my relaxed mood this week! Stay tuned (LOL).

Hope you've been enjoying your first week of January and 2012 so far! xoxo


  1. Yum! Everything looks so pretty. You're right, that camera does a fantastic job. I've never tried a dragon fruit, have you? Are they good?

  2. Yum! What a great little camera. I am hoping this year to make my photos on my blog a bit nicer. I always look at everyone elses blogs and they make me feel like my photos are a bit plain and boring. I am hoping to learn how to use my photoshop too to help add a little extra to my pics.

  3. Gorgeous photos. Everything looks so yummy.

  4. I love the photos of your drinks ... it takes a nice photo that lumix!
    Got to love the food and drinks of Asia! YUM! I have been loving the Cambodia posts!


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