Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Inland for New Years

Husbie and I had a mini break in Central Victoria, for a darling friend's 40th over the New Years Weekend. It was crispy dry, and very hot, and even though I'm not a huge beachy person, I felt very inland and land locked. We swam in a dam. My Husbie (in a former life he was a NZ-er) said "How Australian is this, swimming in a damn?"

Yes, it's very Australian.

I finally photographed something very special! Can't wait to show you my crochet blanket (and another post with Doggie Darling - bless) this week! Yes, so what it if took ALL year to crochet, I was Sewing Weekly all year after all, my dear.


  1. My favourite thing about this post is those fabulous heels! Hahaha I can totally imagine you wearing them and looking gorgeous x

  2. An awesome way to see in the New Year! You have been having some very hot ones lately... We lived in inland rural USA for a year, and we all pined for a sight of the sea... we Aussies are coastal creatures at heart.
    lol at the pun "damn"!

  3. So lovely to see tents and sunshine, winter here in the UK but I am longing for camping! Happy New Year.


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