Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lovers of Overlockers

Did you see this? I checked my email, and I've just fallen off my chair at that Summer Knits from $6.00 part... I've previously picked up some lovely remnants from the Fabric Store in Sydney (My St Patrick's Day dress was made from a darling stretch cotton) so I might have to convince my bank balance that I could pop down to Brunners Street later today.........

I want floppy stretch summer knits! (And for myself! WTF, I thought I was 'Sewing for Others' now). Maybe I'll give myself a little reward sewing for Sew Weekly for myself for so long, and then get stuck into Husbie's shirt (Negroni is waiting).


  1. ooh :) Thanks for that - I'll have to hit up the Fabric Store!

  2. Thanks! I think! I am painting (home dec) and have tried not to buy any fabric as I really do have enough .. but it doesn't hurt to have a look!

  3. Seriously?! That's crazy...! It's reading about prices like these that make me even more reticent about posting the cost of fabrics here....
    Hope you pick up some glorious pieces...!

  4. I'm so happy The Fabric Store had opened in Brisbane. A bit scared to go thought because I know I will add too much fabric to my massive stash.


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