Sunday, 15 January 2012

Minimal Decorations at Mine

Happy weekend! It's my Mum's birthday, so we've had a BBQ, gone shopping (at the fun food market in Footscray - Little Saigon!) and now we're popping out for brunch. Tomorrow we're taking her to see Ira Glass talk, the host of This American Life podcast, so it's all go go go!

I wanted to show you a few things we've got around the home, now that we're half renovated (ceilings, walls painted and carpets removed with nice polished floors) as we're kinda comfy with the new house to live in for now. A lot of friends have said "Live in the House for a year, before you plan major renovations", so we'll kick back for now and see how we enjoy the little DIY we've added and see what the future planning will hold.

And how darling are the floors:

Hope you're enjoying the weekend, love to you! Thank you SO much for all your amazing comments on my crochet blanket! It was a massive effort, and so pleased it came out ok! YAY!


  1. Love, love the little cats at the top (even though I'm more of a doggy person)!

  2. The floors are great... Little details much so much difference

  3. i'm loving the stacks of records you've got on your floor!:)

  4. Lovely house! Oh, and your afghan looks great on display!

  5. I love all your little pretty things! I have a similar pair of kitty statues which I love. Your wee elephant is so cute and your floors are delish!!!

  6. I love the kittehs especially! I'm really hoping to find ones like that one day!

  7. The floors are indeed darling. Everything is, love peeking into your life via your blog.

  8. I am loving your decor! It is so unique, quirky, and very interestin!


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