Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sew Weekly: Last for 2011

Found them! Husbie and I took these photos at my parents house, and I'd used my laptop (hence I couldn't find the piccies) to then get the photos up on my post on Mena's Sew Weekly site, which then marked (and celebrated) my final Sew Weekly garment for 2011! The dress is way too short, as I got scared cutting out the 6 skirt pieces (on the bias) that I'd run out of fabric. I didn't. I ran out of pep to do anything about it though.

Oh well!

It feels like I'm in a suspended state of 'THANK YOU' here at my blog, because I am so happy to have finished a year of sewing weekly, and your lovely support and comments and emails through the year has made the happiest little pocket rocket around.

Cheers to you (even though you may not want to be looking at another glass of sparkling!) and here's to a very full year of creating stuff. How great is it to make stuff with your own hands? I'm constantly amazed that I can actually do this! Make a freaking dress (even though it's short) and write up on a freaking blog on the internet! WOW!

Cheers again:

How cute are the dogs? Little! 

Mum's garden is just so lovely! It was really green because Victoria's had some good rain before Christmas (every time you're in the country they talk about the rain) but we were around Bendigo for NYE and it was already really dry and crispy, so Gippsland has it lucky.

I'm really pleased with the sleeves on this Oolong (the Colette pattern) because last time they were a sneaky bit too tight, so I decided to create a self facing bit that was pretty much an extension of the hem of the sleeve... do you get me? I then curved it as well, so it was more of a cap sleeve which the gathered (and right side piece) top sleeve bit matched up to, and I sewed through both thicknesses to the garment. I love it with the floaty material... and I love how there are no stitches on the sleeve.

I'm a little disappointed it wasn't a truly amazing dress, but I guess that what happens... sometimes it's a winner and sometimes not! I have a couple of other parties coming up this month, so I'll have to get some ideas going for them! One is a darling wedding with TWO events! Have any of you been to a Mehndi ceremony? I'm really excited!

Happy weekend! xoxo


  1. The dress looks great! Pity it's too short. Though I do see many a young lady wearing dresses that length when out on the town. Me, I would be petrified to move on a night out with a tiny dress, let alone bend over! :)

    Could you add something to the bottom to give it some length? Loving your wedges and those hydrangeas too!

  2. I love what you did with the sleeves - it's like a bubble skirt!

  3. You look so pretty in this dress and the doggies are just darling.
    You could wear a petticoat underneath.

  4. It's a lovely fabric and your wedges are super cute!


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