Friday, 20 January 2012

Some ideas for the coming year

Yay, it's Friday! If you're one of those darling total blog besties, you'll know my day job is h-e-c-t-i-c and hilarious. Working as a radio producer (now a senior producer) at a national radio station is super fun, but totally contagious because there's always so much to do. Every day is a different day, you have to be flexible but plan ahead, blah blah. And right now, is peak time for us as the Hottest 100 countdown will be revealed next Thursday. I totally forgot to remind you to vote if you liked awesome songs from last year! EEP. But you can still hear the Hottest 100 next week and enjoy!

After Sewing Weekly in 2011, I'm kinda glad I'm not on a sewing deadline when I have such busy day job deadlines... especially since Husbie and I will be in Sydney (for work, networking and a friend's wedding!) all next week. PHEW!

But for now, I wanted to chat over some sewing or crafty ideas for this year... I haven't really thought them out yet, so forgive me as I use this lovely little post (with flowers from my lovely little home) to think over what I wanna do in 2012 sewing-wise.

Why Do I Sew (a reminder for myself)?
  • It's super fun to do
  • I love wearing clothes that fit well for petite ladies (i.e. me)
  • I love not shopping in boring stores for generic clothing and ultimately feeling the 'wrong size'
  • Learning new skillz is tricky and fun
  • People love seeing my clothes
  • I like inspiring peeps as well
What's my main commitment(s) in sewing?
  • To use recycled, thrifted, op shopped, refashion materials
  • To sew weekly or regularly
What have been the biggest challenges or projects in my sewing thus far?
  • Sewing with deadlines and other day job/work commitments
  • Sewing 24/7 (twice - eep) and Sewing Weekly were big successful challenges
  • Sewing 100 Outfits was also successful (and I enjoyed this more as I took my time plus it was my first project that really advanced my sewing skills from novice to intermediate)

Overall, I love making things, and I love it as my hobby, and I know that challenges or goals makes me finish things (I'm ridiculous with keeping the old UFO's around, whilst I don't mind clutter, I don't like unfinished business)...

So considering where I've been to with my sewing in the past few years, I'm thinking of setting another '100' goal, but for items and garments for others... '100 Other Things' or '100 Things' might be a good name... I'll slowly but surely sew and craft things for other people (and perhaps actually make some birthday presents this year?) and maybe even stock my etsy store? LOL That'll be the day!

Last year with Sew Weekly was amazing in so many ways and you've seen the results of sewing weekly for myself, but, I'd really like to make this year about others and the lovely people in my life... and through that find out more about sewing for different sized people, and stretching out to accessories and other interesting sewing or crafty projects.

I'd really love to crochet a tiny grey dalek from Doctor Who for example!? LOL! (Husbie will love that one!)

ANYWAYS! Love a little challenge, and this time I'll say no time frame, just a 'doing and making' session each week and then show you the results! You'll never believe what's all over my sewing desk right now... just using the overlocker to make some 'strange' bunting! We'll see how it comes up!

Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead! xoxo


  1. YAY! Congrats on the promotion! I'm with you...a little relieved to not have the weekly deadlines with an intensifying day job!! I like your idea of 'doing and making' sessions without a timeframe. I think I am going to borrow that! I know whatever you decide to do--it will be fun and completely inspiring!! xoxoxo

  2. sounds like a good enough plan. 100 thing is great because anything will fit! Good luck.
    Oh if you make it into a project for everyone I'll join in as I'm planning to be genrally more crafty, not just dressmaking!

  3. Congratulations on the promotion!
    I have only one major sewing related goal and that's to really focus on fit - not just my body but other bodies as well. I love your idea of 100 Things and look forward to seeing where you take it!

  4. Please crochet a tiny Dalek!! EEEEE!! I think 100 Things is a fabulous plan, and I'm excited to see all of the great things you come up with!


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