Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Events on the Horizon

The flower photos are from my bus stop... the roses continue to flower in this garden as these photos are from over 2 months! So nice to stop by on the way to work!

Yep, I have some events coming up, and I need new duds. It's getting close to CRUNCH time, but here's a few projects I've got on the go for March:
  1. Dress for Haley's Wedding 10th March
  2. 1 or 2 Sew Weekly Themes (I'd love to join in already this year!)
  3. A pleated or gathered cropped dress x2 (for work)
  4. A shirt for Husbie as a thank you for his photos last year
  5. A Sew Along! YEP! I'll reveal more soon!
  6. Outfit for Wedding Work x2 (practical outfits, that look nice & neat with flats, as we'll be working)
  7. Finish Baby Quilt - Patchwork
  8. Finish Baby Quilt - Crochet (might take longer than March)
That's enough for now! I'm going to also make these 'things' part of my '100 Things' but I need to make myself a happy logo before I can lock in these 'things'. Maybe this weekend?

Hope you're having a good week! xoxo


  1. That makes for a busy March! But I can't wait to see what you create!

  2. It is so, so, so much too long ago since I sewed something. It's about time. So a sew along sounds like a wonderful inspiration. I look forward to eharing more about it!

  3. I love walking by roses like these. I can never resist having a wiff! Looks like you are a busy girl. I think I need to create a list like yours, otherwise everything feels a little overwhelming. Good luck with your list:)


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