Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Have I made a quilt before?

 I don't think I have?
Using mostly left over fabrics, in shades of yellow and green, I've come up with this one... It's a little wonky, but I'm sure most n00bs quilties make wonky ones? RIGHT?

(I just looked in my archives, and I've started a patchwork quilt maybe last year... Please don't ask me where that is. It might be in a packing box somewhere that's yet to be unpacked)

After my massive crochet quilt, and how long it took I thought sewing bits of existing fabric could be easier. Much easier, right? It's time consuming (cutting and sewing) but is still coming together much quicker than a crochet blankie!

My iphone photos don't make it that pretty either, eep! I'll finish it (one day) and get better snaps!

How quickly the weeks are flying by! It feels like just yesterday I wrote my last post, but it was last Monday! YIKES. I've made another dress, and yet to photograph both that and my other blue dress. And this week, I've got a big list starting of things I have to make by March (and it's like March this week.) SHEEEEEET!


  1. I really love quilts, although I haven't worked towards one for a long time. It was what I would spend my time making when my children where small as you could pick it up or put it down as needed.
    Your's is looking good!

  2. Loveeeeee your color choices! I quilt too and I agree that the cutting is very time consuming. My last big quilt took me six months to finish! I can't wait to see yours when you are done!

  3. Your quilt looks FABULOUS!! I love the colors you chose!

  4. When I first started sewing quilting was my main project, I wanted to do dressmaking but patterns scared me. I love the patchwork phase of it, seeing some new develope, how the faric placement changes with the use of patterned, plain, and colours of each piece. This I loved, what I was not to keen on qas the actual quilting part itself. I still have many quilt tops sitting in a pile. One I would like to get back to one day is my candlewicked handquilted bedspread, I wonder if I could finish that before the year is out. I love your colours and choosen fabric. It makes me think of spring daffodils and golden autumn leaves, very cool. x

  5. Great quilt and a perfect project for remnants. I can't throw away anything( could be big quilt)


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