Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Summer of Music

There have been so many bands touring this summer, and I've barely seen a handful! Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with seeing so many live shows, but other times I get addicted to being out and about. My fave band The Drums are still in Australia for the Laneway Festival (Adelaide and Perth this week), and I got my fix, catching up with them three times. Hanging out with them for work was SO fun, but their two live shows were also great. I could seriously gush about these boys for ten years, they can do no wrong in my books!

Look how excited I am:

Stoked. Of course, I also made this blue stripey dress especially for Laneway (one has to wear a brand new dress, handmade no less, to new events) but this is the only photo I got of me wearing it! Outfit photography is the furtherest thing from my mind when The Drums are playing at a festival!

If you haven't been to the Laneway Festival, it's a bit of a 'tastemaker' festival showcasing bands you may not have heard of yet, but bands you'll love in coming years, and generally one of the most relaxed musicals an inner city could hope for. I've been to the Sydney and Melbourne ones over the past few years, and both are great! It was such a lovely day, moving between the stages, eating really nice foods (from the Beat Box Kitchen chips are sooooo yum) and seeing friends.

One fash I noticed was the headdress of flowers, this girl was a bit shy (but ok with me taking a photo of her flowers) but wearing a great headpiece:

I love it! xoxo


  1. Summer festival people watching is the best! Maybe I need a floral headpiece before my next festival!


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