Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Sydney Wedding

In Sydney, we also went to our friends' wedding. It was really beautiful and unique! Husbie and I got married in Sydney, on the Harbour on a Boat, so it's a special place always for us. Surprisingly, I didn't take many photos, as I was enjoying being with lovely friends, meeting nice people and hanging out. Even though you can see Husbie above waiting for the bridal couple to arrive, he only took a few photos as well, he wasn't working as *the* official photographer on the day.

Our present to the couple will be several portrait photographs, and also a few bride portraits from the day before, which included a Mehndi Ceremony where all the women gather like a Hen's with an Indian tradition, as the groom has an Indian background. It was such a great cross cultural wedding as well, with Irish and Pagan influences as well.

Sydney has been so humid, but not really the perfect summer with loads of rain and clouds. Luckily for their wedding day the sun came out for the ceremony and then when we were safely on the ferry again, heading to the reception it cooled off with the clouds.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! After a music festival yesterday, I'm relaxing at home today. Can't wait to just hang out!


  1. Pretty pictures! Is that your henna? (It's one of my favorite beauty treatments...)

  2. Hubbie and I will always cherish the beautiful photo you and Husbie gave us for our wedding. xxx

  3. What a stunning backdrop for a wedding!!!


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