Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Yes, I made a new dress!

Wow! It's now February, and I haven't really shown you ANYTHING crafty on my blog this year! Last year The Sew Weekly was my motivator, my total schedule with sewing and blogging... and whilst I haven't been forgetting my wonderful sewing skillz (I've made 3 dresses, and started 1 granny square blanket), it's the photographing and blogging part that's been less of a priority.

Anyways, after yesterday's 'quick photo shoot', where Husbie took only TWO photos of my jungle dress, I really have to set up my tripod again and work out how to self shoot. Husbie is VERY busy and declared "I don't do Sew Weekly this year!" DAMN! Oh well, at least I got a good year of photographs outta him. (I'm sure I'll sneak some more good photos from him this year, when he's less busy).

BUT, the dress!

It's a Home Journal Pattern 8915, that has no other date details other than saying it's Australian Home Journal Co. Kent Street Sydney (so I'm sure if I googled up I'd find an era when the pattern manufacturers were in Sydney) and this dress is a bit of a toile/muslin because the pattern is bust 36.

The fabric is a doona cover, that's quite feisty but I saved the 'hidden' yellow tiger sections for the back pieces of the dress, as I'm going to a jungle themed event next week. If Husbie had more time I would have taken more photos without my cardigan. BUT OH WELL! You'll have to imagine the little tiger hidden in the jungle.

In my resizing of the bodice, I've turned the style a little baby doll, so the pockets are a bit high. I also gathered out the skirt (adding a section in the middle when I cut pattern on the fold...) because I didn't want a pencil skirt in this fabric (nor did I want to put the back flap in, oh so lazy!). I finished it yesterday morning ready to wear, because I got my dates mixed up and thought the event was last night, but it's next Monday.


I thought this toile/muslin would be great for some thicker velveteen fabric but now I'm not so sure. I really wanna sew a few warmer woolier dresses, as it'll be cold here before you know it! We still have a few hotter days expected this week, so I might be jumping the gun!

Hope you're having a great week, and aren't too flabbergasted that I actually am posting something I've made! WHOA!



  1. Cute! That tangerine color looks great on you, btw!

  2. Love the dress and your styling! The print reminds me of this gorgeous sarong I bought in Malaysia years ago. This was long before I knew how to sew but I've always had it in the back of my mind that I'd use the fabric for a garment someday.
    I need to get a remote for our camera so that I'm not always relying on Kelley to take my pictures. There's only a small window each week where that's possible and in the winter good light (or my willingness to comb my hair) doesn't always correspond.

  3. Love it! I think David breathed a huge sigh of relief when the Sew Weekly year was over! lol. our poor photographers :) The dress is great and can't wait to see the other ones that you've finished!!

  4. It is beautiful Veronica!! I like it with the red cardigan, and I would love to see the hidden tiger too... now you just need a crouching dragon. No wait, wrong way around, lol!

  5. Welcome back :)

    I loved everything you sewed over at Sew Weekly, so I can't wait to see more of your dresses- hurrah for the tripod! Thanks for being so inspiring.

  6. Very nice ex-doona-cover Veronica! I love the colours you've styled it with too!

  7. Super cute! I would not have guessed ex-doona cover. A jungle themed event sounds interesting! More photos then perhaps? :)

  8. That is a super cute outfit! I love your new dress and your pretty orange cardigan looks fab!!

  9. Love it! and you MUST take photos of the tiger!

    p.s. magically, I did some sewing too. I'll be posting soon!

    1. I simply must reply to you here Franca, as I just updated my template to include the new comment reply on Blogger... but I wonder if you'll get a copy in your email? I'm soooo curious to how this will work!


  10. A very nice new dress. Love it's 'go anywhere' ease. And I do love the shoes.


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