Friday, 30 March 2012

Big Girls Undies

Once there was a pair of big cotton tail undies... they were purchased from a very cheap (and closing down) department store in Footscray. Being so cheap, they did start to fall apart, but they were so big and comfy... giving you a lot of warmth. The kidneys! Cotton Tail Undies warm the kidneys.

So they eventually did fall apart, but became a little sewing science experiment for one shy Veronica Darling, of West Footscray. Cutting them up and examining how they were built created a wonderful high waisted, warming of the kidneys new pair of undies... made from.....


Step by Step:

1. Turn Husbie's tshirt inside out. Lay down old undies (now cut up) on both thickness of tshirt (matching up front piece with Dalek pictures)... cut around but leave about an inch on all sizes.
2. Get to the gusset (is that the underneath bit? Not sure?) and just cut out 2 more pieces with extra thickness.
3. Pin front and back pieces to gusset (both thicknesses of gusset) and sew
4. Cut existing hem of tshirt for leg hole binding
5. Sew (I overlocked the whole thing mind you, apart from the last waist band fold) binding to leg holes.
6. Sew up sides
7. Turn right side out. Marvel at dalek placement
8. Overlock elastic to waistband on inside
9. Turn in and then topstitch with a straight stitch.
10. Undies to wear the next day.

Huge apologies, but you can understand why I'm not modelling these. Especially since they're horrendously highwaisted (which is very comfy for me as it gets cooler), it'd just be a blob of tummy!

I *will* be making more from old tshirts though, they're amazing!

UPDATE: And, I guess this is part of my 100 Things, undies are things! 2/100


  1. Dalek undies! They are amazing. I'm also a fan of big cotton tail undies. They're so comfy and warm.

  2. This are AMAZING, your husbie must love you very much to give up a doctor who shirt for the sake of your warm kidneys! x

    1. Hee hee! Husbie might have forgotten, but he actually tried to donate the Doctor Who T for the dog bed... but I had to save it for the undies! xoxo

  3. OMG!

    cool cottontails??

    Your are certainly a trend cutter here.. I's be wearing them as I begin my granny era.

  4. Very cool! I didn't know you could make undies from old shirts.

    1. If there's still a bit of stretch in the tshirt, and in the hem of the tshirt, GO FOR IT!

  5. Fantastic!! a great start to your 100 things.

  6. You are the queen of refashion - they're amazing!!

  7. OMG WE ARE KINDRED SPIRITS! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have Dalek undies!


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