Thursday, 29 March 2012

Comedy Time Again!

As March draws to a close, Melbourne begins to get just that little more shinier, a little more busier and a little more... funnier. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is a long running institution for me, I love this time of year and have fond memories as a 14 year old following around Julian Clary & Sean Hughes trying to understand their jokes... when they visited the festival in the 1990s. I still adore comics, love seeing new and innovative routines and I'm super lucky, for part of my job is to be across them and what they're on about.

This year, I'm involved in the festival again, for work and pleasure. I'm midway through organising our own big radio event, and will head off tonight to see Celia Pacquola and Paul Foot to being my mad dash around the city. If you haven't been through the city during comedy festival time, it's hard to explain... but a few blocks around the Town Hall and Trades Hall are splashed with waves of comedy fans... everyone has big smiles awaiting their laughter... but mostly everyone you meet will attempt to be funny. "Everyone's a comedian" is my catch phrase during the festival, as normal punters (who are all so friendly, mind you! I often just meet random people through the city during the festival) try their jokes, or retell the jokes they've heard... everyone's a little more funnier.

Personally, I forget a lot of jokes, and whilst I love comedy and seeing comedians, I don't get the retelling of jokes... Last year one of my faves comics Tig Notaro had a few catch phrase type lines, which were delivered in her droll American tones, so that was easier for me to remember... but my retelling of her jokes just would never work.

Anyways, because it's *that* time of year, I'll be a little occupied with the LOLZ but hope to check in with you here and there... if you're looking forward to any comics - let me know who they are! I'd love to check them out! AND, I'll give you my faves as well... I'll mostly be tweeting from here if you'd like a step by step narrative (not during the shows mind you!) but I'll check in with you here too. I have to show you my handmade Grandma Underpants, don't I!???


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