Monday, 26 March 2012

Our house becoming our home

We've now been in the new house since November, so almost 5 months... so many things have happened here already, and there will probably be stacks more stuff this year too. We're loving Doris Day's company, and trying to stop her being naughty and behave like a domestic animal (any one else has found their dog standing up on the kitchen table?)... we'll see how she goes with training.

I've kept the garden my way, dying off lots of weird water hungry plants BY ACCIDENT, but hey I don't want to be watering my garden all the time... this is Australia and it's hot and cold all the time... so I'm picking out all the non natives, and changing the garden to suit us.

Inside the house, we've realised that the kitchen needs a better sink area, so we're investigating some quotes via our friend... and hopefully getting a dishwasher in soon. I'm the hopeless one when it comes to dishwashing in our family... Husbie is too darling. I'm trying to teach Doris Day but she's worse than me!

But overall... our new house is becoming a home! We're doing things a lot more naturally here now! You know, not running into the office thinking it's the bathroom, or feeling around in the dark for the lightswitches... it's becoming second nature, being here.

In sewing news, I just made a pair of UNDERPANTS. Let's see if I can photo them in a svelte and swanky way?!

We'll see!


  1. I'm so happy for you that your home is coming together!

  2. That all sounds wonderful! Miss Doris Day is the cutest. She looks a bit like my girl :)

  3. I think these might be my favorite photos of you! Doris Day is delightful!

  4. awww...This is such a fabulous photo! Glad to hear your feeling at home!

  5. Yay for a home! And yay for that picture of you and DD; the cutest picture ever. And triple yay for making your own underpants! You'll be maximum self-sufficient soon!

  6. Nice to know that you are now enjoying your house and took it as a home.

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