Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Sew Weekly Surprise

OMG, over the weekend, I pulled out a pattern and cut up some fabric that isn't stretch knit... can you believe it?

This week I'm planning something for Sew Weekly, so I had a deadline, WHICH does make you sew and complete things BTW.

I'm hoping the post will be up there sometime this week, so I'll let you know! (or you could just keep refreshing Mena's site, awestruck that I actually made something in 6 hours, AND photographed it)

Now, how do I get Husbie to take more photos of me and my daggy stretch knit dresses (that are SO comfy just super casual)??? ... (still haven't mastered the tripod and autotimer here in the new house... but I did *find* the tripod within some unpacked boxes).

Hope you're having a lovely week so far! xoxo


  1. Your pattern and fabric hint at something special.

  2. I have massively fallen off the sew weekly band wagon. I need to get back on it! I did well for the first month or so then got busy and sewing fell by the wayside.


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