Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Neighbourhood: Resourceful

This week, I'm sharing some photos from our neighbourhood as it'll be at least a week til I pop into my sewing room again. The weather has been amazing for autumn, and my little patch of Melbourne is starting to woo me over completely. We've lived in Melbs now for over 18 months, in Seddon first and now West Footscray... and it's a small quiet pocket of Melbourne that often gets overlooked by visitors and locals alike.

Walking around the streets however, there seems to a lot of environmentally aware people living here, and people who are very proud to point it out ... especially when it comes to water. Tank water, recycled water, and grey water are all displayed on signs on various homes near my place... whilst I can see solar panels on the north facing roofs on some houses as well.

When we can afford it, we're thinking of getting both a water tank and a solar power situation for our electricity... it's a few years off for us of course, with a new mortgage and my Husbie's new business cutting our budgets... but do you have these things at your place? And would you proudly display little notes like the above so the community can nod with satisfaction?



  1. Just checking in to see how you are doing. Most of these environmental friendly methods cost way more than the old way so until those costs come down it will take a long time for folks to start using them. We checked into it here in Alaska but it was way out of the budget for building our house to catch rainwater and use some solar heating.

  2. Maybe your council requires the signs if you have a tank and town water as well? Ours does, so that they do not have to send out the "water police" if they see your sprinklers (using tank water) are turned on outside the permitted hours for town water - we have permanent water restrictions.

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