Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My Neighbourhood: Small Things

This week, as my comedy festival carries on being LOL-worthy and thus keeping me busy back at work AND seeing gorgeous comedians, I thought I'd show you parts of my neighbourhood of West Footscray. We moved in successfully last November, and now feeling settled into our homely house, so I'm venturing out with my good camera to capture the suburban feel.

It's very quiet, with small things happening here and there... West Footscray is a sleepy gem, that feels like it's just about to wake up. We have workers expanding the footpaths, people filling in potholes and gardeners attending our public spaces and parks... all quietly creating something small.

Our autumn sun streams across the streets for much longer than it should, now that daylight savings has ended, but as our street runs east to west, the sun sets and makes the sky so wide and large and colourful.

There are small things growing for short people (ahem, like me) to find. Remember blowing on these dandelion flowers to tell the time of day, or was that just us as little kids?


1 comment:

  1. We wished on them! As a small thing I never had the lung capacity to blow the whole head off...no wishes for me, unfortunately.

    This post was a really lovely tiny moment. Thank you.


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