Monday, 2 April 2012

Naughty but Special

I can't stop taking photos of Doris Day! Isn't she cute!?

She's naughty a LOT: digs my garden and scatters the succulents everywhere, runs like a maniac inside (and makes me worry about the new polished wood floors we just got last year) and isn't very good at going for walks yet! Staffy's just pull so much!

But she's special too: cuddly while we watch tv, the sweetest and watchful friend (sits on my foot while I'm on the computer) and very good around new friends (to her!) especially children. Awww.

What a darling heart.


  1. Awww, Doris Day is special... I mean naughty for digging up the garden... but she's so cute. What a nice photo.

  2. She sounds like a typical Staffy! I have an Am Staff mix and she had no clue how to walk on a leash when I first rescued her. Just be patient and go for LOTS of walks. She'll get it :) It certainly helps that she's so darn cute! All dogs have their quirks, but I'm so in love with Staffs/Am Staffs that I swear I'll never own another breed of dog. They are the best!

  3. Aww, Doris Day you're the cutest! She's special and loved :) I had the walking problem with staffy Hunter - I tried a harness that pulled his front legs together when he pulled on the leash....but... he would pull so hard he'd just pull up onto his back legs and try walking that way - not overly effective!

  4. I adore all of these pictures you are posting of Doris Day! She is just stealing my heart!

  5. say goodbye to the polished wood floors! even with the best canine pedicure...but she is worth it.

    Also we got a "halti" lead, and it changed walking/being dragged by Bruce for 4 kms to a nice easy pleasant affair. Google halti/gentle leader and you will see why. No kidding. it was like magic.

  6. I think we adopted Doris' brother - they could be twins! Both his ears are white, however, and he has a black "saddle". He was also found walking the streets and we adopted him earlier this year.


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