Sunday, 29 April 2012

No to pink!

We moved in last November, and my garden is gorgeous... don't get me wrong, I love having space and the greenery! It was such a gorgeous summer out there too! BUT, every single day since we've been here... PINK flowers bloom across the whole place.

The lovely former owner planted every shade of pink (and I fear there's more to come in winter... I see buds on the camellia plants!) flower and I'm just not a pink lover... I don't mind red and orange flowers (which makes me think those Fuschia's are orangey pink now)! I might have to get a green thumb going to replace these pink geranium ones, as they are very pretty but I think red and orange would make me really enjoy the garden! Anyone interested in a plant swap?



  1. oh man, girl... get some orange colored sunglasses and call it a day!!! are you going to replant the garden? EEK.

    1. After spotting MORE pink flowers in the front garden this morning, I reckon I'll have to lump it and LOVE PINK. EEP!


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