Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pierced Ears

Did you know that I only got my ears pierced in December last year? I keep forgetting to make a big song and dance about it here on the blog, as I have done so a LOT with my friends in real life, and I think they're tired of the songs & dancings and realistically, it's weird that a 33 year old grown woman suddenly decides to get her ears pierced.

I've actually been thinking about it for about 5 years, maybe longer, but I'm not heavily into accessories or piercings, so have kind of just been talking about it instead. Talking about it enough to make my Husbie point out earring piercing places around our new neighbourhood.

On a whim, he marched me into a cutie place in a shopping block and for 2 months I had these silver but pink stoned earrings, and I'm just starting to play around with little new earrings, to see what my ears can handle.

Yep (as shown above with my nifty turban/headband) sleepers are the best for me... they keep the backs of the ears clear and open... as I found these cutie ones (from that cheapie shoe store Rubi - but it sells accessories too) have plastic backs that don't let my ears breath enough:

I can't believe how outrageously happy I am in these photos that I'm wearing earrings. What a dill! But the plastic ones are ok for just a day, and then I'll swap back to the sleepers.

But it feels like I have a WHOLE new world of accessories has opened up and I'm yet to work out what suits my style. And also what I'm comfortable with. I'm a bit queasy putting them in and out, but I'll get better I'm sure.

Maybe next stop for me is getting a tattoo (let's think about that one for at least 10 years)!??!!


  1. Hi!

    I got my nose pierced during a lunch break when I was thirty-three. My colleagues were seriously worried about my mental state and spent a long time glancing at me furtively out of the corners of their eyes. So, I know where you're coming from on that one.

    You do look happy, and I'm not surprised, because your earrings look great on you. These little things make us happy.

    I think it's sensible, though, to wear the sleepers as standard and switch to the fancy "post" earrings every now and then (until your ears aren't so fussy about it, that is).


    1. Thanks Alice, yep, little things make us happy... small joys are often enough!

  2. Wow, you look gorgeous in your earrings!
    Shhhhhh..... I tell you a secret: I've been thinking about getting my ears pierced for... ehm... 15 years or so, but never got the nerves to take the plunge and get my ears done.
    It would be nice to have my ears pierced before wedding next year, though. I'd like to wear a little pearl or a diamond stud in my Big Day.
    How did you feel during the piercing process? Did you choose gun or needle? Was it painful?

    1. Hey Sandie, I started to research what the best piercing process was, but had heard different and conflicting things, and in the end it was a gun and was the easiest and painless experience ever... I think it's no more painful than clapping your hands together really hard... but less surface area and quicker! I honestly thought I'd faint, so afterwards I laughed like CRAZY at how easy it was.

  3. they look so lovely. I really miss wearing earrings, I had mine pierced as a child but since wearing all sorts of weird metals my ears will no longer put up with it. I bought a lovely silver pair that where oak leaves but they just hurt.

  4. Such pretty earrings, especially paired with your happy face! It must be exciting to have a new way to express your style. My ears have been pierced since I was 2 so I can't even imagine how different that must be for you.

  5. I got my ears pierced yesterday! I'm 32. I got flat-backed diamond-looking studs.
    Sandie, please please please go to a real piercing place and get it done with a needle - no gun! It feels like a blast of cold water going through your ear - actually quite pleasant.

  6. So cute! You look adorable with earrings!

  7. Did you know in the past many young women used sleepers as self-piercing earrings? Golden sleepers with a sharp end were sold. They could be put in place on a virgin, unpierced earlobe leaving it do their job: slowly penetrate through the lobe flesh until it's actually pierced. The whole process could last 3-4 days and it was quite painful. My mother was 20 years old in the early 1960s when she pierced her own ears this way. Back then clip-on earrings were mainstream while pierced earrings were... the new "big thing". Ear piercing was actually a big deal for girls and young women aiming to be cool, and my mother was in that number: so motivated to sport sparkling pierced earrings to endure such excruciating piercing process... my brave mother told me she was "soooo excited about it" (while on the other end her mother wasn't so happy cause she thought ear piercing was a somehow "barbaric" thing).
    I DO LOVE earrings and of course my ears are pierced (2 holes each). I was excited when my mother took me to the mall especially to have my first set when I was 10 (what a big mother-daughter day!) but honestly... I'm sure I would have choosen to go for unpierced ears if the quick and (almost) painless piercing gun was not invented in the meantime!
    Veronica, both sleepers and big sparkling diamond studs look beautiful on you. They make you even more feminine. Congrats!

    1. ARGH but so interesting Michelle! Thanks for dropping by! xoxo


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