Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Shoesday: Getting Cooler in Melbs

It is cooling off here and there in Melbourne, and so come along the layers of clothing that goes with the chilly climes. I'm alternating tights with socks but generally grabbing my boots already. I have a cowboy pair and a rough cropped 80s pair of black boots, and I feel that this winter could be the last for both pair. I've had them fixed (the cowboy ones every year) so often, and I just wear them too much to give them a rest.

With the changes of weather, it's hard to remember how to wear things, so I spend a few weeks getting comfortable again. With the comedy festival going on, you need practical flat shoes (there's a lot of walking all over the city to get to comedy shows) so I've got a few in rotation at the moment... but I really really really think I need a few more pairs of shoes this year. Especially if those boots run out.

After a visit to Savers on the weekend, I'm completely agog at where to get good second hand boots from... have you had any online shopping luck recently? Or good Melbourne second hand shops for boots? You know I'm reluctant to buy new ones, especially leather ones, so really would love some winter boot tips!



  1. i got some Frye boots on ebay for about $35, total score! I live in boots for the winter, and I had to finally replace my favorite pair after 3 winters in them. good luck!

  2. well I am a fluevog girl, once you get the vogs, you'll never go back. See trippen store off Flinders lane in the city...I warned you!

  3. I'm a eBayer, too! It's a bit risky since shoes don't always fit, but I just resell them if they don't work out. Good luck! (Oh, and your cowboy boots are way too cute!)


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