Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Teddy Bears' Garden

Last week my friends were making a short film in the country, and somehow I ended up as the 'Preacher's Wife', thanks to their creative script and abilities... so I took a drive down to their location in a small town out North West of Melbs, but screeched on the breaks once I saw a cute little op shop in the town of Clunes. One cannot drive past a country Op Shop!

Not a lot of material or sewing stuff unfortunately, but heaps of these darling little "gardens" made by a local! I couldn't resist getting a few to 'kitsch' up our place!

And for my sewing room too:

I love all the little succulents and the weird little teddy bears! A few of the 'pots' have chips, so they make for great settings for gardens instead of cooking... I might have to make one of these myself one day!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! It's so beautiful here in Melbourne, autumn is just never arriving! I was so surprised this weekend in the city to find hardly any autumn leaves on the ground... usually be this time of year they've fallen everywhere up St Kilda Road and around Collins Street (my usual hangspot because of the Comedy Fest!)... but there's hardly any!



  1. oh I have a major weakness for succulents, these are very cute!

  2. I'd never seen those types of potted plants until recently (or at least not paid much attention to them) but I think they're adorable! I love how compact they are and it doesn't seem like they need much growing space for roots, etc. Very cute!

  3. You have a lovely blog, I have really enjoyed reading it.


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