Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wedding Flowers

Taking photos at other people's weddings makes Husbie and I want to get married again, it's a very loved up day of course... and it always makes us get a bit gushy over each other.

I love my camera, as I've said many times, and love taking photos of flowers at the weddings we attend. Some of these are 'official' flowers and others are just from around the venues the bridal party stopped off at during the day. Usually the rundown of the day is (for us) take photos of the bride & groom getting ready (separately), take photos of the wedding ceremony and then official family photos and then bridal party photos before the reception... these guys wanted to have the bridal party photos before the actual ceremony, which made it the smoothest day ever (no stress of time between the ceremony and the reception), and they were such a lovely group of people!

It is hard work though, so any chance for a sit down, you take it! (I tried to take out most of the red in my face, but it must have been beetroot red all day!)...

Hope you're enjoying a good week! I'm on holidays for a bit on Saturday, so can't wait to finish up work with a big bang on Friday!

Talk soon, xoxo


  1. Love these photos! The pink geraniums are especially cute!

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  3. The pictures are wonderful. The chromatic blending of these wedding flowers are really outstanding! Makes me remember of some extravagant wedding I had attended in New York.

  4. Flowers are lovable by all so using the flowers for wedding also lovable one. wedding flowers having fantastic colors and various flower design. children will play with flowers in your wedding is amazing to watch. so the flowers are important for wedding


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