Thursday, 24 May 2012

An Autumn Collection

I may go on about the weather a bit too much for a sewing blog, but it is MELBOURNE and we all know the song 'Four Seasons in One Day' stems from this beautiful place... lately though, I'm hearing our good friend Sydney has a bit of Crowded House poetry about it... and this old M-Town seems to be a little more consistent... you dress in layers, and you can expect to use them... but it's less topsy turvy than other autumns and winters.

The blue skies come by a few times a week, and as the temperatures drops... the city still looks pretty. Here's just a few snaps from the past few weeks from my path to work each day. By car, train and walking, there's always something bright to look at... a shape here and there or a splash of colour... The Napoleon exhibition at the NGV looks interesting too...

Talk soon!


  1. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. People always dress better than Sydders. They know how to work accessories because the have to.


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