Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dog College

I just realised that last weekend's blog post No to Pink coincided with the start of Sew Weekly's Pink theme, and being HORRIFIED, I'd like to point out that my No to Pink is strictly for the garden! I have really enjoyed seeing some of the pink garments being made this week, I just have an unfortunate dislike for my pink flowers blooming all over my blooming garden - LOL!

(Did you know I've since found two cactus plants that have both sprouted flouro pink flowers!)

Anyways, after yet another busy week at my day job (I'm sitting and making cardigans as I blog though!) I'm astonished that it's MAY and my efforts of blogging to you have been so up and down... it happens sometimes though, right? Your day to day gets whirled away and sometimes your passions like sewing and blogging gets prioritised differently... I still have mammoth lists of things to blog about and things to make for my '100 Things' this year, so it'll slowly slowly slowly come together. I feel blogging is better if you don't put pressure on deadlines to post etc, for me anyways... I have too many deadlines at work anyways...

BUT, have you ever heard of Dog College? Our darling Doris Day has been enrolled (by Husbie) to attend Dog College and get some qualifications... you may *not* have heard of Dog College before because it's what we've made up to tell Doris Day she's going to training at a (caring) kennel place! We thought it sounded smarter than training or obedience school... it's college because she's practically a grown up dog, and we'd love her to have some grown up dog skillz. You know, like being polite and staying on the ground instead of eating all the fruit bowl and SUGAR bowl from the kitchen table. Yes, we've often walked into the kitchen and she's atop the table nom-ing on down.

Dog College will teach her all the grown up things, and we get a day with the teachers afterwards to follow up on all the learnings... If we weren't starting Husbie's new business and not volunteering to help out the comedy festival and working so much, I bet we can do it ourselves... but! Alas we have time to love her completely! (Did I tell you she goes with Husbie when he's freelancing around at other people's production houses? People are so kind, she's like his little assistant... but her only job is to make people happy!)

Anyways, she left this week, and we've got a weekend free to RELAX and have a mini holiday! More soon on our quickie getaway!

xoxo Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Dog College! I need to enroll Doug the Pug!

  2. Miss Doris Day Darling is so darling! Look at her sweet, sweet face! :) Yay for Doggie College - she needs some sort of snazzy bandana to wear on her first day.

  3. Oh isn't she naughty?! but she look as if butter wouldn't melt! What a poppet! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. I think it's fantastic that Miss Day is a scholar! ;) And who cares who trains your dog as long as she's in good hands. It's so easy for people to just give up on their pets when they don't have the best manners. Doggies think much differently than we do in terms of what they think to be appropriate. For instance nom-ing on top of the table. Miss Day has a whole lot of potential and cuteness to boot, and that's all that matters! She'll be a super star!


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