Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Mini Break to Fitzroy

Over the weekend, we took some time out, and had a holiday in.... Melbourne! As Doris Day the Dog is away at college, we booked one night at a Fitzroy hotel as a little 'getaway' and revisited a lot of old hangouts and new places! Husbie and I both (at different times) lived around the Gertrude Street area of Fitzroy, but when you live in the west, work in the south, we just don't visit our old areas of Melbourne as often.

The photo above is from the Crepe Shop, which reminds me of special treats as my bestie and I started popping by once it first opened up. These days there are so many gorgeous cafes and restaurants, but we had to spend lunch at the Crepe Place on a cold Melbourne afternoon!

BUT! It's a shopping deathtrap along old Gertrude Street.. however since it's Mother's Day coming up, we found some gorgeous presents for the women in our lives!

I'm contributing to the Sew Weekly this week as well, as it's family and Mother's Day themed... I'll have my post update here too! xoxo


  1. LOVED your post on SW!!! Your short getaway sounds like it was a lot of fun!

  2. You look so lovely and relaxed. A quick getaway can do wonders to recharge the batteries, isn't that the truth?


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