Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What to Wear for Winter: A NEW DILEMMA

Please excuse the iphone snap, but saying hi to you now is way better than waiting til the 'good camera' is ready on the tripod (Where is the tripod, actually?) and the sky is bright enough (it's totally wintery now) and/or Husbie is free to take a snap!

So HELLO again! And, here's a new dilemma! What to Wear for Winter?!

It's totally cold (after a gorgeous long summery autumn feel) this week, and looking at the forecast, I think we'll have mid-teens for a bit... no probs, rugging up is ok and layering is ok too... but every week, I'm a little bit bigger around the middle.

My darling red duffle from last year's 'Red, White & Blue' theme for Sew Weekly is perfect for now, and maybe be ok for another month to cover up the bump... but it's slightly cropped so if I start to point downwards (do pregz bellies point down to the ground?), it'll be exposed to the wintery elements.

But did you notice from the photo above? A toggle loop has been chewed off... a lasting goodbye from Doggie Darling methinks, as I took the jacket out of the 'Last Winter' box recently, and she had a little nibble. I can't bring myself to detach it now though, even though it probably looks uneven and grubby... darling little pup, she was!

As a seamstress, I'm starting to think I attract dilemmas though... 'What do I wear to this event?' or 'I've got nothing new in the wardrobe' and 'I need more cardigans!'... or is this what people who shop day to day think anyways? And then they just go out and buy the item? Our dilemmas, as seamstresses (LARDY DAH: grown up words!) is finding the time to MAKE the item you need, so that it looks good and is wearable when you need it!

More soon on wintery wear for bigger bump bellies!

Thank you again for all your caring comments for our baby news, it's such a special thing to share, and like a few of you said, even though we've never met, it's just so lovely to hear these sweet milestones in our little lives online! Very humbling with how lovely all of you are! GUSH!

Talk soon, xoxo


  1. I'm the same way with these "dilemmas." People who shop DO make the same complaints (just this morning one of my friends dramatically announced her need for a silver clutch for an upcoming event), but there are extra elements of difficult for us. We have to figure out what we want, how soon do we need it, find appropriate pattern and fabric or yarn, and then of course find time to make it. The effort is worth it, though, for our one-of-a-kind wardrobe. :)

  2. I do that regarding formal events usually at the last minute! I do it every time. Although I have made some great things at the last minute also some wadders.
    Congratulations on the baby news. Are you going to find out the sex? Do you plan on making any maternity wear?

  3. Somehow clothes have always been important, but seem to take on a deeper perspective when you start to sew as you realise the possibilities - and it is not a instant as shopping for RTW!


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