Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pregz Fash: Petite & Baby Doll


If I were tall and it were summer time, the swishy baby doll cut dress would perhaps suit this little pregz Mumma-To-Be. After wearing this outfit, I worked out that I was more of an M.I.A type pregnant figure, and not a Heidi Klum type pregnant one after all. (Have I told you that occasionally that I feel that Heidi Klum and I could look like twinnies?)

ANYWAYS, M.I.A was gorgeous pregnant, so I'm quite happy having a new twinnie!

The hipstamatic photo above is at the National Gallery of Victoria, where we took Husbie's Mum to see the Napoleon exhibition.

Pregz Fash Featured:
Red quickie dress I made in 2010 for the music conference I spoke at (not that you remember, but I always remember what I made my clothes for... the original event! WEIRD) and yep, the baby doll style is a traditional maternity wear cut, but for short arses, just doesn't look as nice. 

- The stripey cardi I made for Mother's Day theme at Sew Weekly 

- Little brogue heels I bought from ebay, only $13, but just nice with a little pregnant appropriate heel

Again, over 5 months... not too uncomfortable, the usual fetal movement but I think around this time we could SEE more movement up front... ALIEN! I was so surprised to see the child is strong enough even at 5 months in utero to push and make my outside skin move around. WHAT?


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