Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pregz Fash: Stretch Knit is Your Best Friend

Just remembered that we've taken a few snaps on my iphone over the past month or two! How time has flown! I'll bring you up to speed on the growing fetus. First up some Fash Posts, as apart from growing a human child (that's my number 1 priority!) the biggest thing about being pregnant is how to be comfortable.

My first four months were rocked with nausea, which is like (for me) being hungover everyday, all day and having waves of feelings of throwing up. I kept busy, because being distracted with work and seeing a lot of comedy festival shows kept that feeling away... so by May, where you see me above I was finally feeling comfortable.

During my fourth month, I lost my waist so all my 50s/60s fitted frocks were out, packed away until next summer... every week it felt like more and more of wardrobe was getting packed away! I borrowed some stretchy dresses from my darling bestie Amy, who seems to have a neverending cupboard of clothes (never throwing anything away helps!) as we all know I haven't been sewing! BUT, for my expanding mid section, I hit the op shops!

Pregz Fash Featured:
- The grey dress is long sleeve, hooded and stretchy and from Savers in Footscray and yep, stretch knit is my best friend right now. A lot of people have mentioned how fortunate a September baby is... so we (the babe & I) aren't overheating in the Melbourne summer... but being warm is tricky too. This dress is stretchy enough, but also a nice warm cotton knit. I always love wearing my dresses, so far they've been most warmest and comfy-est! This one might have been $4 thrifted.

- Melissa Shoes - Flats for the normal work day

- Autumnal scarf - a new present from my Mother in Law

- Teddy Bear Winter Coat - an old school present, I've spent more money on dry cleaning that this coat ever cost my friends to buy.

Over 5 months in this photo, so over halfway! And the fetus is moving around like CRAZY! Very alien and awesome!


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  2. I'm going shopping for some maternity trousers on Thursday! I'm hoping I can get everything else from the charity shops too.

    You look so cute. I'm hoping I will just stay bumpy too, but I fear I may just get really big all over!

  3. You look so well and happy. First pregnancy is such a great adventure..even the bad bits. I'm ashamed to admit that knits are my friend at the moment too. Very forgiving of winter indulgence.

  4. You look fantastic! I had a minor meltdown when I had to pack away all my vintage. So sad! But it is going to be loads of fun when I get to unpack it all again. My life saver has been my maternity jeans and the awesome range of nice knit jumpers that are out in the shops at the moment. I have been able to pick up a few quite cheap. When I fell pregnant everyone told me I was lucky I was pregnant in summer but I agree with you it's super hard to stay warm when you are trying to accommodate a belly.

    1. Aw thanks Kat, since I usually don't wear trousers, I haven't ventured into maternity jeans yet... they'd probably be warmer for my legs than tights!

  5. You look wonderful! I am so glad the pregnancy is going so well for you... reading your previous post I tried to remember how I did with keeping warm during my own pregnancies, as I don't remember ever having to wear a coat; this post reminded me how warm I was just having that little bun in the oven! Take care, and best wishes!

  6. Yay,you look lovely! Glad you're feeling a lot better these days too. :-)

    I know what you mean about packing away more and more of the wardrobe - terribly enough, I'm very much looking forward to bringing all my dresses out of the back of the closet in a few months, haha!

    1. Thanks Kat, that's true, it'll be a joy come summer 2012/2013! We'll be having vintage dress parties galore!


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