Saturday, 9 June 2012

Too busy eating

Hi there! I'd love to share with you my busy gorgeous tripping-the-light-fantastic stories about being pregz & glamourous, rubbing shoulders with the stars... and sewing up my dreams ... but you know what I've been doing?


Nom nom nom! When I'm not cooking at home, I choose anything off the menu, and my unborn child and I am happy. Before I was pregnant, I usually am quite picky about what I ate because I'm so small, I hate making/ordering larger portions and wasting foods. But like the pancakes above, there was nothing leftover! I'm not a diet-er or anything usually, I'm just careful about portion sizes, what's the variety of foods (as we mostly eat vegetarian) I'm getting... but I am a food lover. Just never this extreme!

What's going down well? Sweeties, like donuts and icecream... but of course not everyday... I try and stack up apples, prunes, strawberries and grapes instead... but as I'm heading to yoga twice a week and getting some great dog walks in... I also figure a donut every now and again won't hurt!

This pancake stack is from the Brunswick Foodstore, and we'd totally recommend stopping off there! Delish, and a varied menu! xoxo

Hope you've been well! I'm so feeling the ups and downs of pregnant life, but I hope to bring you some updates soon. Everything is super gorgeous and healthy, but my foetus is very active! It's not even 6 months and I'm getting kicked and pushed all over!



  1. well you certainly look great! Baby news is everywhere, my sister who also lives in Sidney has just told me this morning that she is expecting her first baba too. Good luck to all you mum/ families to be.

  2. I hear ya! I am loving food at the moment. My favorite is ham cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches. Yum!!!

  3. My craving was ice! i liked the feel of it on my tongue, the taste and crunching it. Once baby was born i stopped, it just wasn't the same. ;)

  4. OMG I can't even LOOK at that pancake stack without putting on weight! I put on 22kg (really!) when pregnant with Moo and got to the same weight again with Popsie! Urrrgh! (It is finally gone thanks to Michelle Bridges 12wbt) You, however, seem to look just as stunning as ever! Keep it up! I can't wait to see a beautiful portrait by hubsie!

  5. Oh man, now I'm hungry AGAIN!!! Argh!!!!

    (And incredibly jealous of that pancake stack, yummy!)

    Glad to hear it's all going well. Isn't it super crazy, watching the little creatures move around?!? Kinda like 'Exorcist' but a lot cuter.....

  6. I adore this picture of you :) I'm glad to hear it's all going so well!

  7. Those pancakes look amazing! And you look amazing! Hurray for being a food lover and being able to fit more in!! I hope Doris Day the dog is behaving on the lead :) So glad that everything's going well, I hope your ribs are coping with the assault! xx

  8. wow girlfriend that's really impressive you left nothing! x

  9. Wow those pancakes, making me hungry. Fab news on your pregancy.


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