Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Saturday Morning Walk

Hey! Here's an idea for a perfect Saturday morning: sleep in, relax, cuddle, eat fresh fruit, have a hot shower, wear really comfy clothes, pin hair up, wear no make up or sunscreen and take the dog for a walk with gorgeous Vitamin D bringing more cuddles with the winter sun.

This week I was back at work, with lots of energy from my time off, so happy to see everyone again and kept busy but not too busy. But it was cold again, overcast and I was stuck with what to wear each day that was comfy and lovely and my style... so after 5 work days, I embraced my cushy comfy attired as much as Doris Day loves the grass and sunshine!

We're 32 weeks, perhaps? Someone in utero is upside down, hanging out comfortably with head in my pelvis... which makes sense why I'm getting kicked around so much on the top of my bump! I had a couple of check ups this week, with the midwives all happy. And now we're catching up every 2 weeks, which makes things a bit more real. Only 3 weeks of work as well, until my maternity leave kicks in. Um, Where The Fuck has the time gone?

Wishing you a lovely weekend and hope you get some Vitamin D too with the sunshine in Melbourne! xoxo


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