Sunday, 29 July 2012

Another baby blanket

Here's my second crochet blanket for the human child!

Grey black, this time (you know I'm loving grey/charcoals to BITS) and it's a massive Granny Square. I think it was at least 4 balls of charcoal and 1 1/2 of red... I thought I'd get a lot further, but it's around a metre and a bit wide... So I'd really love to make a larger one for the couch!

This one will be a perfect one for the car, or for the pram, I guess... when I get around to actually looking at things like prams! Husbie was very sweet this week, his family really wanted to buy us something like a cot or change table (but I've got hand me downs sorted out, and can't justify big pieces of furniture, as we don't have the space) so he talked them around to a baby carrier, one that we both can wear. I'm glad one of us is planning ahead for the bigger picture stuff!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


  1. Oh, so pretty! I love it - great colour combination, as always. :-)

    And also - yay for a baby carrier! We got one of those the other week. They seem like such a brilliant idea.

  2. What a great blanket, hon! Imagine that little babe curling up under that soft wool. How cute is that? :)


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