Saturday, 14 July 2012

Looking at the future, perhaps

We had the 20-22 week scan a while back, for as you know, we're expecting around here at the Darling Household. We decided not to find out the gender of the unborn child, for a few reasons... but what we did find out about the darling little thing is that it all appears healthy, and we managed to see some really lovely moments in utero.

One time, in profile, the darling was chit chatting away... getting that jaw all ready for chomping or chatting ... a little foot and a little hand made us a bit gushy... and another profile shot showed a very similar little upturned nose like mine... and as my baby photo above shows me at only 3-4 days old, my little human may be sporting that same 'ski jump' profile.

It's so weird thinking about genetics and similarities that will be in appearance and personality... I know so well the characteristics I have in common with mum and dad... so it'll be so interesting seeing how little Darling grows with Husbie and my genes.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I've got a few little get togethers planned, but seeing the Flight of the Conchords tonight with my bestie... should be great, and I can't see why anyone will stop me from singing along, right? They're both such cute boys, but I'll always settle on Jermaine. He's so funny looking and good looking at the same time!



  1. Playing genetic mix and match is so much fun. I have 4 daughters and never tire of discussing the origins of their eyebrows or teeth or eye/ hair colour.... the number of ways the same 2 people can combine and recreate their genes is endlessly fascinating!

  2. That nose is adorable! I hope baby gets it! :)

  3. what a beautiful post :)

    (and i agree about jermaine!)

  4. I had a vision about what my daughters would look like. Neither matched the vision, but both are beautiful and splendid young women.


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