Friday, 6 July 2012

Mid Winter Holiday

I'm really excited as I've scored 2 weeks away from work, as a little Mid Winter Holiday... but of course it's been freezing, windy and all things terrible as I caught a cold! My immune system is shot, but I'm laying low... watching all the episodes of Masterchef (you know you can watch them online, catch up tv is the BEST) and crocheting in my warm little house with Doris Day the Dog.

My pregnancy is full of little mantras and they pop up here and there... Easy Does It... That's Perfect ... This is Such a Short Time in Your Life... Find the Time... and lots more...

Little sayings that when I feel a stress or an urgency or a dilemma, I repeat these little things to myself (some are from my Doula, or my hypnobirth cd or just things that come into my brain and maybe it could be as the baby grabs hold of its first brain waves...) and it makes things ok...

Today we're going for a little holiday to Sydney and you could say that I am NOT packing the above clothing... however cute that little jumper is. My friend Lindsay gave it to me last year (He's got a great op shopping eye for detail!), and I can think of nothing more hilarious that a fetus covered with poodles... so I wear it out walking the dog.

Happy Friday and stay warm!



  1. Happy holiday! I've been watching a bit of australian mastercehf, there's a flemish channel that shows it every night. I prefer the British version though, I don't like the 'cook off' thing between two people they do at end.

    I love the jumper too! It's weird, my own immune system seems to be pretty strong, for all the feeling pukey I've not had a cold for ages, and i'm usually very susceptible!

  2. You look super cute! I love the jumper. I am living in jumpers and jeans at the moment. I have found some gorgeous knits in the stores for quite cheap which has been good. I wish I was having two weeks off work. Enjoy your little break! What do you think of the hypnobirthing cd? I have done a bit of reading on hypnobirthing online but I haven't bought the books or cd's. It sounds interesting. I figure since I only have 13 weeks to go I probably should start working on some techniques to help me during birth.

  3. That jumper is fabulous! I love that you wear it while out walking the dog. ;-)

    Have a lovely time in Sydney!

  4. Have a nice holiday...hope it is warmer for you. Looking good too.

  5. oh my gosh - i love the poodles! You look adorable!

  6. You are too too adorable :) Looking fabulous, my friend!

  7. you are the cutest preggy chicky in the world.


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