Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Nesting in My Lounge Room

Yes, I'm feeling overcome with hormones, and feeling like NESTING. There's so many cliches & stereotypical things you hear about with pregnancy... and I am constantly surprised how the feelings come and go. And honestly, I never thought they would affect me. ME!? As if! BUT, sometimes I feel exactly normal, my usual self... and the next second I feel like a puddle who needs a cuddle... or the next a total mess where I hate everything around me (like the kitchen dishes) and wish I lived in a hotel.

Yep, hormones come and go, and I can feel the onset of nesting, and creating a comfortable place to be and live and love. All the gush!

Husbie loves putting on some of his old records and we mostly have vinyl playing over the weekend, and yes, they are Judy Garland's big old sad eyes. Doris Day the Dog usually lies right in front of that record cover, very cute! My dad and I have planned to make some little square boxes to fit the records in... might be a maternity leave project!

My little coloured accessories are getting turned over as well... because the big news in the Lounge Room is that we finally got a NEW COUCH delivered... and I'm trying to work out what bright colours match it. It's a grey couch but in our Lounge Room has a slight, very slight, green twinge to it (and I'm not too happy with that) ... but bright colours might steer it back to grey/charcoal.

And recognise your card Anna? My friend gave it to me, and I've always been a gherkin lover, so thank goodness I can eat a lot of them, and it's a joke for others. If you haven't seen Anna and her partner's cards by now, you should check out the Able and Game blog first up (they've been travelling, I believe! Lots of lovely travel diary sketches!) and then look around their online store (or visit them at a market!)... cards for all occasions, but for US real people!

I do think about wearing overalls as a LOL outfit, btw. Always up for a laugh, especially a sitegag type of laugh.



  1. I loved the nesting stage! I remember being HUGE and dragging the vaccuum cleaner outside to vaccuum the outside of the windows!!!!!!!

  2. Big congrats to you....such an exciting life event....the best oh the best thing you'll ever do! Overalls were very big when I was last pregnant and looking back on the pics they looked so cute...I say go for it!

  3. I am feeling super nesty - I can't wait to get home! I've been looking at nursey designs on the blogs already - unfortunately we have to move first or there is no nursery to decorate!

  4. I am right there with you in the nesting stage. Every spare minute I get I clean something or start organising something. My current obsession is decorating the nursery so I am chipping away at that to do list.

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  6. Oh that was a lovely surprise seeing the card sitting there and I hope someday someone makes those overalls.


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