Monday, 9 July 2012

Pop! It's A T-Shirt Dress

Someone just got a little bigger!

Here's my self drafted T-Shirt dress, which is actually nothing special, or maternity focussed... but terribly comfy. Because I haven't made anything for freaking ages, I'm going to follow our old Sew Weekly stats:

The Facts

Fabric: Hand-me-down stretch knit, gift from my friend
Pattern: Self drafted, but using Built By Wendy's Sew U Stretch techniques
Notions: just thread
Year: 2012
Time to complete: 1 hour
First worn: June 2012
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $ZIP/NIL (how thrifty!)

Usually when I make T-Shirt dresses (like this one) I narrow the waist line on both the back and front pieces, or use the bodice and skirt pieces like the Sew U Stretch book suggests (to allow for my waistline)... but for this T-Shirt dress, to allow for the bump, I cut straight down from the bust, thinking that the stretch of the fabric will be ok for the bump, and then my hips. So it's really rectangular, so curves or shape at all... just a tube from the bust/underarm curve. Make sense?

So what tends to happen (and if you were a strict designer or seamstress, you'd scoff) is that the side seams are actually about an inch or two towards the front, instead of right on the sides... because sadly my tush hasn't grown at all, it's all up front with the bewbs and belly... but I'm not strict on myself with sewing, and no one will even be staring at the side seams... especially with this bulge out front!

Here's how I wore it one day to work, it's so super flexible I might make another:

By around 28-29 weeks along, things are getting rounder, heavier and WAY pushier. The human inside is growing a LOT and pushing outwards ("Too soon, babes," I tell it) and reacts to a LOT of outside world stuff. Conversations I have or things I see, spreads emotions or hormones to my fetus, who moves around with excitement. It's SO interesting and weird growing this human!

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my dog walking outfit! Too hilarious!


  1. That looks insanely comfy. And you're pulling off the whole pregnancy beautifully too. I hope I look this good when my turn comes around! I doubt anyone would even notice the seams - it's not like the majority of peeps out there would even know such a thing mattered :P

  2. You look radient. I'm so jealous of young women who can glory in their pregnant shape. I'm the last generation of the smock brigade. How yuk! BTW - I'm betting on a boy.

  3. Ohh, dear friend, you look so beautiful and happy. Pregnancy looks good on you :D It had been way too long since I stopped by, but I love to see you so healthy and thriving. That babe is going to be one lucky little one, being born in a loving family like yours.


  4. You look lovely, and the dress looks like the perfect thing to pull on and layer with fun accessories!

  5. This is the kind of dress I thought I might attempt myself! Though now we are attempting to move house I guess the sewing machine will be packed away while we show homify our place!

  6. Sweetie you look beautiful, and what a perfect dress to show off your gorgeous mumma curves, you can never make too many I say. Just love reading about the growth of the human inside you hehe. I'm so pleased for you both. I can't wait to see this babes gorgeous little face here on your blog. xxoo

  7. This is a really cute dress, looks super comfy! You have styled it really well too!:)


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