Monday, 2 July 2012

Pregz Fash: Dress Up Day at Work

This is a subtle pregnancy photo really, taken in our office on a dress up day while my friend finished her artwork.

Yes, I know... I bet you guessed it right away! I'm a dead ringer for the ultimate trinity of grunge and 90s: Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love AND Frances Bean all rolled into one. Yep, it was a 90s dress up day!

I'm back again today, because I have 2 weeks break from work. VERY excited to have a little rest, recharge my batteries and catch up on a lot of things (I had a series of blood tests this morning, and a midwife catch up on Wed... and need to spend a lot more time relaxing in the bath)...

Pregz Fash Featured:

- Husbie's brown cardigan (Kurt Cobain wore one a LOT)

- Handmade long sleeve tshirt dress, nice and stretchy... I got a better photo (at 28 weeks - I tried to remember for you) so will go into the details later, amazing that I actually sewed up something.

- Docs!


Probably around 26 weeks here, but it'd go up and down in size a lot around this time... depending on what I was doing, what exercise I was doing and what I was eating...

Hope you had a lovely weekend and I'll probably see you tomorrow as I'm in the writing swing of things, being on my break. I MAY even sew this week, as have been eyeing of the Sew Weekly themes for a little bit of motivation, and thinking about what's in my stash! xoxo


  1. Love this photo! How awesome to be able to channel the entire Cobain-Love family. :)

  2. Love it! You've summed up part of my adolescence right here, minus the pregnancy! I still have a love of cardigans, doc martens, Hole and Nirvana. :)


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