Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pregz Fash: Exercise

BACK AGAIN! I'm getting on a roll again!

Being a thrifty family, and a DIY extremist, we don't shop that often... I plan ahead for things I need ( for example, right now, we need cushions for our new couch & I want them to match Doris Day's lounge room dog bed, so I'm slowly waiting for a big old winter wooly blanket - grey - to appear on ebay or at the op shop) for myself, for the house and sometimes for Husbie.

Now that I'm pregnant, I've been surprised at how many different things I've needed to keep covered, to keep warm... and I've got zero motivation to sew up the new things... my usual Gung Ho-ness is replaced with tiredness, or the need to have more baths and relax a bit more...

But, when I'm in the right frame of mind, we've been getting up a smidge earlier and braving the Melbourne cold for a walk. It's harder being active in wintertime, but with a little yoga here and there and a little walking (plus the busy times at work), I'm feeling very healthy!

Pregz Fash Featured:

- New Gumboots for the rainy days, I got a size bigger (did you hear that your feet can grow a size during pregnancy?) but wear wooly warm socks with them

- Hand me down stretchy maternity tops! I'm in love with so many of my friends who are keeping me thrifty! A darling friend shared several stretchy and warm long tops that I wear a lot as under garments at the moment.

- Neck Muff - with any spare stretch knit fabric, I make neck muffs, so this is a purple one left over from last year's Mother's Day Theme at Sew Weekly.

- Old Lumberjack jacket that will never do up over the bump, but still is very warm with that lining!

This was early June, when I started have regular growth spurts... for the first 5 and a half months, I'd feel the fetal movements, and the skin growing gradually and my uterus was always under my belly button... from around this time onwards, I noticed every Wed or Thursday a little growth and heavier feelings across my belly... but also a few more growing pains crept in over the weekends...

So weird to be feeling so much growth happening!


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  1. Gosh you look radient - any girl who can pull off looking glam in gummies and a lumber jacket wins me over. My feet never went back to size after baby number two. And have kept growing...I'm two sizes bigger than I was a younger woman.


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