Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pregz Fash: Long Sleeves & Long Bodies

For the first time in a while, I went to Big W and bought something other than underwear. New clothing? Against my grain entirely right? I bought long sleeve, long bodied thermal things. I think you're supposed to wear them at night as sleepwear (as they were with the pyjama section)... but they're darling for my tum and keeping me warm.

I haven't bought many new things since I started blogging, part of my ye olde Wardrobe Refashion pledge was to attempt to make everything I needed to buy... and since I've been blogging for over 5 years, I think there's been a few instances (a trip to Bali & Singapore - travel makes me impulse buy more) where I've bought off the rack clothing.

But through this pregnancy, my mood to sew and DIY has shifted just a little! A few Saturdays ago, I needed a long list of new items (size 12 underwear, yep that's 2 sizes larger than what I usually take - but my usual undies are WAY too tight and uncomfortable) so stopped at the Salvos first, and what I couldn't find there, I then headed to Big W knowing I'd get those Bonds maternity bras and undies there (which are VERY comfy btw). When it's cold, with a changing body shape, I just gotta get shit off the rack and quickly!

Pregz Fash Featured:

- Light grey thermal top from Big W

- Mini Skirt - Handmade back in the Sydney 100 Outfits Era! (I wear it under the belly, low on the hips and with the longer top to cover, seems to look cute enough)

- Long and wooly-ish cardigan from the Salvos - thrifty!


See? Small again! It goes up and down a lot! This photo was about 2 weeks ago, but a week after the 90s dress up day at work... where I thought the bump was way bigger! Oh well!

Hope you've been having a lovely week! I'm on holidays and living it up, getting over ANOTHER cold (oh the immune system has broken) but looking forward to a couple little mini breaks I've planned during the holz!)



  1. I totally understand what you mean. Some days I wake up and feel like my belly has shrunk. It's wierd!

  2. Oh yeah, I hear you with just needing to buy stuff quick! I completely broke my 'no new clothes' rule coz of the baby bump. Super long singlet tops in three sizes bigger than usual - perfect! ;-) (It's kind of hard to summon the enthusiasm to make things if you're just going to wear them for a couple of months.....)

  3. MASSIVE CONGRATS Veronica!!!!!! So exciting that there's a new little Darling on the way. You look totally lovely. I'll be doing that pregnancy top tutorial on my blog next week, promise!!! Then you'll be able to add some more handmade elements to your pregnancy wardrobe. Congratulations again, I'm soooo pleased for you

    Zoe xxx


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