Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The lovely Louise commented on my nails the other day... and if you haven't seen her blog, you should! She's a total darling, and posts some amazing vintage collections and not enough photos of herself (she's a cutie)... but the NAILS.

I've had shellac twice, once at the start of the year in Sydney - a gorgeous red and this round of orange red was from the beauty salon in Sparta Place in Brunswick... it's my fave area of Brunswick because when I was on holidays I visited my hairdressers (Corrin's - a babe), then visited OK OK, my fave shop and then I went to the beauty salon to get the shellac... she had 4 reds to choose and I went for this orange red....

I am NO expert on shellac, how it's done or what it does. I've heard the UV light is damaging (it helps it set) but both times I've stuck my nails into the thing, it's not been for long and my nails have been fine afterwards.

But, as a pregnant babe... everything is growing really fast... so whilst the shellac lasts well for 2 weeks my nails already started growing out compared to at the start of the year the shellac lasted perfect for 3 weeks (with only a little bit of growth) ... anyways!

NAIL POLISH REVIEW. OMG, I don't even have a search tag to match this post... I'll chose friends because Louise is a bloggie friend.. oh and there's a review tag I've used before... I'll use that too. There's no way I've got mental space to make this a beauty blog! BUT, if you are keen on beauty products and info (especially in Melbourne) on beauty stuff, Esme & the Laneway is gorgeous and Lady Melbourne pops up with several beauty reviews as well...

Thanks again for all your lovely comments, I'm loving blogging at the moment... now I just need a little motivation to sew some baby and pregz fash stuff! I'm fast running out of clothing AGAIN that fits me and the bump... we'll see how I get around it.



  1. I just Found out about this two weeks ago. I guess I'm a little behind. I just received my do it at home kit and it worked like a charm. I bought the kit with the led light instead of the uv light.

  2. I always get this recommended to me because I chip nail polish like crazy, but I also get bored of my nail colors real quick, and I wonder whether it'd be worth it.

    That color you have on is GREAT though, am going to search (futilely, I'm sure) for a similar shade now when I head to the pharmacy later.


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